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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Dish Cloth Knitting

Warm summer weather and knitting dish cloths go together like, well, summer and dish cloth knitting! Knitting dish cloths is quick, easy, and rewarding. And dish cloths make great gifts - everybody who receives one wants a couple more, so be prepared to invest in a lot of cotton.

The stack pictured above is a week's worth of evening knitting using Sugar & Cream yarn that I picked up on sale for $1 a ball. My newest favorite yarn for dish cloths, however, is something I tried from Hobby Lobby called I Love This Cotton. It is super-soft, easy to knit, and comes in cool colors. The feel is really nice - very soft and not at all rough like the Sugar & Cream. I wouldn't mind a garment out of that soft cotton yarn. I picked up a few more skeins on sale yesterday for $2 a skein and am ready to tackle another round of summer dish cloth knitting!

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