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Monday, November 2, 2009

Arizona Yarn Shops

I visited a friend in Arizona last week and we hit some fun local yarn shops. The first shop we stopped at was in Surprise, a suburb of Phoenix. The shop was Needlers Nest. My lucky day! Everything in the store was 25% off! I picked up some Malabrigo sock yarn and a couple of skeins of other sock yarn. They had a wonderful selection of yarns and the staff was friendly.
Needlers Nest ~ Surprise, AZ
Needlers Nest ~ Surprise, AZ
We headed north and found a nice yarn shop in downtown Prescott called A Good Yarn. Nice yarns, very friendly staff, but the prices weren't as good as the Surprise store we had visited. I picked up some needles that I needed and added a couple of skeins of yarn to my stash. There were two other Prescott yarn stores listed in a yarn directory, but both had closed.

A Good Yarn ~ Prescott, AZ

Our next stop was in Sedona, where we found Red Rock Knit. I was so unimpressed with the store. The store was dirty and looked like it had never seen a vacuum. The yarn selection was sparse. The woman knitting behind the counter was helpful enough, but we left without a purchase. The store needs a good overhaul, in my mind.

Red Rock Knit ~ Sedona, AZ

Our final stop was in Jerome, where we found Knit 1 Bead 2. The store was crammed full of interesting yarns and beads and accessories. The arrangement of the yarns made it really frustrating for me to shop. All yarn was displayed by color - novelty, sock, bulky, mohair, worsted, dk, and lace all on the same shelf, grouped together by color. While it was pretty to view the shades of color from a distance, I found it too much work to dig through all the different type of yarn to find something I liked. I really prefer yarn grouped by type or brand, not color. This store has potential to be a wonderful shop.

Knit 1 Bead 2 ~ Jerome, AZ

Knit 1 Bead 2 ~ Jerome, AZ


  1. Thanks for posting the great pics - and sorry you hit the "arranged by color" wall. I know exactly how you feel because that is how I feel when I go into a shop arranged by brand or weight or fiber.

    Next time you are up here, let me give you a tour and some tips on how to deal with it - I have learned that when I go into one of the other arrangements, I feel blind (can't see what I want) so I have to ask for help even though it is not my nature...

    FYI - the second room in the shop (sock yarns, sale yarns, and true woolies (icelandic, kauni, and shetland) is NOT arranged by color :-P

    Thanks again for the fun fiber trip -
    erica raspberry
    Jerome, AZ

  2. Thanks for your comment, Erica. I'll take you up on your offer for the yarn shop tour and tips on my next visit to Jerome. And I promise to keep an open mind about yarn grouped by color :-)

  3. Sue- Are you knitting socks on circulars? Doing both at the same time?? Helen

  4. I use two 16" circulars for my socks - hate those ladders with the dp's and I really like the two circulars. I keep thinking I'll try one long circular and do both socks at once (magic loop style), but haven't done that yet.