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Monday, December 22, 2008

How to Make Snag Free Stitch Markers

I love those decorative stitch markers and decided to try my hand at making some. These are the snag proof ones that can be customized to any size needle. Here's a step by step tutorial on how it's done.


decorative bead
crimp bead
crimp bead cover
nylon coated beading wire
crimping pliers
wire cutter

Step one: Cut a piece of nylon coated beading wire a little larger than you want for your stitch marker. Thread it through the bead, making a loop.

Step two: Slide the crimp bead through both wire ends at the bottom of the bead.

Step three: With pliers, crimp bead and cut off bead wire ends below crimped bead.

Step four: Put crimp cover in crimping pliers, then place around crimped bead. Gently squeeze until crimp cover is secure around the crimp bead. Don't squeeze too tight!

That's it! Easy, right? The nice part is that these are snag proof, since they use nylon coated wire that is covered with the crimp bead and crimp bead cover.

Here are a couple that I made in just a few minutes.


  1. I never thought of making my own out of anything other than a scrap of yarn which often comes loose and falls out! I've got all these materials from my stint at jewelery making, thanks!

    Kim x

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I've tried making these before, but they didn't turn out at all! Love the simplicity of these!

  3. Thanks a lot it has been a fantastic guide, now to make snag free stitch markers is simple and easy by using your advice. Kudos