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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Yarn Shop Discovered!

This past weekend we took a little trip to Portland, OR to see our granddaughter. We had a great time and managed to cram several activities into just a few days - we saw the movie UP in 3-D, visited the Rose Garden, went shopping at the mall, took in the Saturday Market, checked out Crafty Wonderland at the Doug Fir, and went to our granddaughter's end of the year softball picnic. We also tried some fun restaurants - I loved Pok Pok's southern Thai food.

Even though we were pretty busy with our short visit, I just had to check out at least one yarn store! Sunday around 11:00 I stopped at both Yarnia and The Yarn Garden. Dang, both opened at noon. By the time I got back to yarn store shopping later in the day, I only had time to see one store. I visited The Yarn Garden on Hawthorne.

This was one of the largest yarn stores I've seen. There was a room just for patterns and books. There were three rooms FULL of yarn - alpaca yarns, sock yarn, local yarns, designer yarns, natural yarns, etc. They also had an extensive button section. I bought a few skeins of sock yarn and some yarn to make an interesting woven scarf that was on display. The sales staff was helpful and friendly. A fun shop and I was glad to have visited!

Here are some pictues of The Yarn Garden:


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.... I've been to Maine twice and I think it might have the highest ratio of yarn stores per head of population of anywhere in the world!!!
    Your very jealous Secret Pal (Ravelry 'My Other Hobby')

  2. Just to let you know that a parcel is winging its way to you and should arrive any day now. Sometimes it takes four days, sometimes ten ....
    Secret Pal x