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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Road Trip, Another New Yarn Shop!

I had to drive to Rochester yesterday (in a winter storm, no less!) but took this opportunity to stop in a yarn shop in Waseca, MN called Smitten With Knitten. Although the shop is less than 45 minutes from my home, I had never been there and was excited to explore uncharted territory.

I found the store easily, right on the main drag of this small town. The front window was decorated with lots of fun projects. As I stepped inside, my sensitive nose immediately got a whiff of that somewhat damp basement smell. Once inside the store, it was not noticeable.

There was a nice selection of yarns and quite a good selection of knitting and crocheting books. Most of the yarn shops I frequent have strictly high-end yarns and it was nice to see some of the more moderate priced yarns. I'm not talking cheap acrylic here, but just a good selection of mid-range yarns. Let's face it, who wants to pay $80 for yarn to make a market bag? It's good to see alternatives.

Besides yarn and books, there was also a section of DMC floss for crosstitch, knitting and crochet needles, and some fun accessories like Knitted By labels to put on your completed projects.

The woman who runs the store was friendly and helpful. I purchased a felted hedgehog kit and she was willing to substitute one of the yarns in the package for another, as well as give me a few extra yards so I'd have enough to complete the project. Most of the display projects in the store were knitted by the owner, and she is obviously a fantastic knitter. I was so in love with one of her large satchel bags!

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