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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mankato Knitting Group

There is a group called Mankato Yarn Together, which is one of the groups on Ravelry designed to let people in a specific area discuss knitting and get together for some knitting time. They meet the last Sunday of the month.

Yesterday I joined our local knitting group at Dunn Brother's Coffee for a couple hours of knitting and sharing of yarns (pun intended.) I guess anywhere from three or four to more than a dozen knitters show up each month for the monthly get-together. It was fun to meet everyone - it surprised me that I didn't know any of these knitters, since I'm always in local yarn stores and have taken several classes. Always great to see what others are working on, and there were some cool projects.

I'm still plugging away at a pair of socks I've had on my needles for a couple of months. I was three quarters of the way completed with the second sock and decided to add some length to the first one, so now I still have two unfinished socks. Knitting on planes has always been productive for me, so maybe I'll complete these when I fly to Boston later this week.


  1. there we are - knitting away! it was great to meet you on sunday - hope you can make it next month too!
    can't wait to see the finished socks!

  2. Yes, that was fun on Sunday. Good to meet all of you Mankato area knitters and see some of your lovely projects. I promise to have those socks done for the next meeting :D