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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Are There Really Yarn Shops in Boston?

I just got back from a week in Boston. Of course I came prepared to explore local yarn shops, and had googled yarn shops in the area before I left for my trip. Armed with my printout of yarn shops, I plugged into my gps the address at 555 Armory Street for a yarn shop called Circles in Jamaica Plain. When I arrived at the building, no yarn shop was there. I checked my iphone and found a discussion that indicted the shop had moved to the city of Roslindale. Ok, I was determined, so I set my gps for the new address at 56 Murray Hill Road in Roslindale. When I arrived, I discovered the shop was in a private home. I rang the bell, but no one answered. Dang.

While in Roslindale, I struck up a conversation with a cheese shop owner who told me about a wonderful yarn shop at 4 Station Street in Brookline called A Good Yarn. I got all excited about visiting a recommended yarn shop, until she said the shop was closed on Mondays. It was Monday, of course.

Later in the week I was visiting a friend in Peabody and decided to see if there were any shops nearby. Yup, a yarn shop really close called Knit Wit Yarns at 474 Lowell Street! I high-tailed it down there only to discover it no longer was there. The shop had either moved or gone out of business.

I can't believe I struck out so many times! I came home with no new yarn, but did manage to finish a pair of socks, a couple of dish cloths, and a swiffer cover during my week in Boston. Maybe next time.....

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