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Monday, February 9, 2009

FO - At Last!

Well, I struck out looking for yarn shops in Las Vegas. I went armed with a list of shops, but found that they were all 8-10 miles from where we were staying. Instead, I worked a bit on a hat/scarf set and completed the project. Yay! A finished object! (FO) This one is an early birthday gift, so I'll mail it off to Gretchen this week.

I love these two patterns. The scarf is the reversible cable scarf (palindrome) and the hat is from the Three Tams patterns. The yarn is a baby alpaca in light blue and the colorwork in the hat is done with Noro Silk Garden. I added a ruffle to the scarf this time, just to add a bit of feminine flair. I've made these two patterns several times and they have to be some of my winter favorites. Here are the direct blog links to the patterns ~ Scarf and Tam.

And here's a sneak peak at the finished project .....

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