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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knit-Out & Crochet 2009 Report

I was on vacation last week, and what better way to start a vacation than to attend a knitting event! We had an early flight to Cozumel last Sunday, so decided to take in the Knit-Out 2009 at the Mall of America on Saturday.

I arrived right at 10:00am and found many knitters already cruising the first floor of the Mall. I entered at the Lego Land door and took a left. This led me to the local shop tables - The Yarn Garage, The Yarnery, Three Kittens, as well as to the Knitters Guild table. The tables weren't too crowded yet and I had a chance to look over some cool projects and products. I continued around the mall and found a few more displays and one of my favorite shops (The Yarnery) had a kiosk where I was able to pick up a long needle to try magic loop socks.

As I made my way around the Mall, I saw some knit and crochet demos but they all were full. When I came up to the Sears area, I started to see the lines. Boy, were there lines! It was obvious that this started the give-away and major vendor booth area. Lion Brand gave away a huge tote bag, Clover some glow-in-the-dark needles, and Patons a bag containing patterns and three big skeins of yarn. Lots of free patterns, magazines, tips, etc. Great giveaways, but to be honest, next year I will skip the long lines for the freebies and take in more of the knitting demos and style shows. Now that I know a bit more what to expect, I will tailor my visit next year to take advantage of some of the events that I missed.

Are there pictures, you ask? Of course!

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