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Monday, January 5, 2009

Shorty Hand Warmers

These shorty hand warmers are knit with a worsted or bulky yarn. I used Ella Rae Jaspe' Wool in color 03 for the multi-colored ones. The yarn comes in 50 gram balls, with 88 yards to the skein. One skein makes a set of these fingerless gloves with plenty of yarn left over to add length to the wrist if you prefer a longer version. The purple ones are knit up with Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Flamme designer's choice, color 020 lavender. This is a 50g ball with 82 yards of yarn. No extra yarn here, as I finished with barely a foot of yarn left over.

They knit up really fast - a one day project for me. I adapted a mitten pattern to make these cozy little hand warmers. Adjusting the basic mitten pattern was done by adding a couple of thumb stitches and binding off before the thumb and hand decreases.

Easy Knit ~ Shorty Hand Warmers Pattern

Materials: A set of US 7 double point needles or two US 7 24" circular needles (worsted weight) or US 8 double point needles or two US 8 24" circular needles (bulky weight) & one skein of bulky or worsted weight yarn.

Cast on 28 stitches. Divide stitches onto 3 dp needles or 2 circular needles. Join for working in the round.

Knit 16 rounds

Thumb Gussett
On the next round, K1, place marker, M1, K1, M1, place marker, knit to the end of the round (increase 2 stitches).
Knit 2 rounds

Increase Round
* K1, slip marker, M1, knit to next marker, M1, slip marker, knit to end of round.
Knit 2 rounds *

Repeat from * to * two more times until you have 36 stitches total and 9 stitches between your markers for the thumb.

K1, remove 1st marker, place 9 thumb stitches on a stitch holder, remove 2nd marker, cast on 1 stich, knit to the end. (28 stitches)

Knit about 14 rounds, ending at the length desired. If you like the rolled look, make sure the length allows for the roll. Bind off loosely.

Arrange the 9 thumb stitches on 2 dp needles or 2 circular needles and join with RS facing to beginning of first needle. Using a 3rd dp needle or one of your circular needles, pick up and knit 4 stitches in the thumb gap. (13 stitches). Join for working in the round. Knit about 8 rounds, ending at the length desired. Bind off loosely.


  1. Hiiiiiii!! i loveeeee those warmers.

    I wonder if I can translate the information into Spanish to be able to share it with weavers who do not understand English.

  2. Sure, not a problem. Have fun making these.