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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Week of Knitted Hats! Day 2 - Clamber (Irish Hiking Scarf companion)

The Clamber hat was designed by Laura Wilson-Martos to compliment the Irish Hiking Scarf (see A Week of Scarves - Day 1.) Adorable! Like the scarf, it looks much more difficult than it really is. This is a free internet pattern - see fine print at the bottom of this post for copyright usage compliance.


Yarn: Misti International Misti Alpaca Sport [100% baby alpaca; 50g. 146yds/ball] 1 ball; Red Fiesta Melange
Needles: 1 set US size 4 [3.50 mm] DPNs and/or
1 US size 4 [3.5mm] 16”circular or
1 US size 4 [3.5 mm] 32” cable for magic loop
Gauge: 24 sts = 4" stockinette stitch

Terms & Stiches:
pm - place marker to indicate beginning of round
C6F - Slip 3 sts to cable needle and hold in front. K3, then knit the 3 sts off cable needle
C4F - Slip 2 sts to cable needle and hold in front. K2, then knit the 2 sts off cable needle
C2F - Slip 1 stitch to cable needle and hold in front. K1, then knit the stitch off cable needle
SSK - Slip one stitch as if to knit, slip the next stitch as if to purl, knit the two together through the back loops.
K2tog - Knit 2 together
P2tog - Purl 2 together

• Provisionally CO 16 stitches
• Begin Brim Cable Repeat as follows:

Row 1 (WS) P3, K2, P6, K2, P3
Row 2 (RS) K3, P2, K6, P2, K3
Row 3 Repeat row 1
Row 4 K3, P2, C6F, P2, K3
Row 5 Repeat row 1
Row 6 Repeat row 2
Row 7 Repeat row 1
Row 8 Repeat row 2

• Repeat rows 1- 8 until piece measure 21” or approximate head circumference, ending on row 7.
• Remove provisional cast-on and graft ends to form a band.
• Pick up and knit 132 stitches completely around one of the outside edges of the band you just made
• Begin Hat Cable Repeat:
Round 1: pm [K2, P2, K6, P2] 11 times
Round 2: [K2, P2, K6, P2] 11 times
Round 3: Repeat row 1
Round 4: Repeat row 2
Round 5: Repeat row 1
Round 6: Repeat row 2
Round 7: Repeat row 1
Round 8: [K2, P2, C6F, P2] 11 times

• Repeat Rounds 1-8 until piece measures a total of approximately 6”, ending on row 3

Next Row: [K2, P2, SSK, K2, K2tog, P2] 11 times (110 sts)
Row 2: [K2, P2, K4, P2] 11 times
Row 3: [K2, P2tog, C4F, P2tog] 11 times (88 sts)
Row 4: [K2, P1, K4, P1] 11 times
Row 5: [K2, P1, SSK, K2tog, P1] 11 times (66 sts)
Row 6: [K2, P1, K2, P1] 11 times
Row 7: [K2tog, P1, C2F, P1] 11 times (55 sts)
Row 8: [K1, P1, K2, P1] 11 times
Row 9: [K1, P1, SSK, P1] 11 times (44 sts)
Row 10: [K1, P1, K1, P1] 11 times
Row 11: K2tog all around (22 sts)
Row 12: K2tog all around (11 sts)
Row 13: [K2tog] 5 times (6 sts)

• Break yarn and thread through remaining loops twice, removing them from needle.
• Snug it up tight and secure ends.
• Weave in ends and block lightly, being careful not to overblock. Overblocking will eliminate the 3-dimensional look of the cap.

Pictures and pattern by Laura Wilson-Martos - © Copyright 2008 Laura Wilson-Martos and Dizzy Blonde Designs all rights reserved. This pattern is provided for your personal use only. You may not sell this pattern, nor sell the items made using this pattern.

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